Residents' wishes have been fulfilled as Bracknell's "Banksy" has delivered the iconic fruit display once again.

Bracknell is truly a wonderful place resident's can be proud of, but what sets it apart from other towns is a marriage between a pineapple and squash.

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There was a time when the Bagshot Road roundabout had a random fruit wedding display.

Pre-coronavirus pandemic, people across the borough where sharing daily updates on how the fruit wedding was coming along.

The person behind the display added a Squash, pineapple and some grapes to form a wedding.

A social media account called @myfruitwedding was later discovered by residents.

It is run by an anonymous person who dubs themselves as the Bracknell Banksy.

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On Friday, September 24, the fruit salad display made a comeback after the town wanted to see a return.

A butternut squash, melon and aubergine have made an appearance once again in Bagshot Road.

When the News asked the person behind the fruit display whether they would reveal their identity, they simply replied: "Maybe, maybe not. Has Banksy ever revealed himself?"