THE newly introduced 10pm curfew on pubs and restaurants has been branded 'silly' and pointless by readers across Reading and Bracknell.

Announced on Tuesday and starting today (September 24), the new rules will see pubs, bars and restaurants offering a table service only, and having to close by 10pm in an effort to halt the recent increase in cases of Covid-19.

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Not everybody sees how this curfew is going to help, though.

Responding to a question posed to Reading and Bracknell readers one Facebook, lots of people jokingly highlighted that the virus can be caught at any time.

Jo Withell said: "Yes it will help lots - the virus is programmed to be at its most deadly from 22.01 hours", while Dave Williams said "No! [the curfew won't help] unless the virus has to be in bed before 10pm."

Tracey Beales said the curfew won't help "one bit" and Dawn Lowe stated that it is a "silly idea".

Damien Butt joked: "didn't realise the virus was nocturnal" and Emma Louise Dempsey said: "this is one very clever virus, only comes out after 10pm and only attacks groups of six or more."

Others pointed to the fact that people would simply drink earlier, and the economy will be hit hard by the change.

"Csaba Morvai said: "No. This decision kills the economy! One average pint of beer contains 38 per cent tax.

"Boris has shot himself on legs."

Tat Taylor added: "Why blame the pubs?

"They reopened at the beginning of July and we actually saw a decrease in the number of infections! "Two weeks after the end of Eat Out to Help Out and the kids going back to school and we see a resurgence! Surprised?"

Sarah Mundy said: "[the curfew] will probably help a lot towards businesses having to close down."

Lyn Chandler said: "Definitely no, the 10pm lockdown would only make the people drink quickly", and this view was echoed by Edwina Burgess, who said "can't see how it's suppose to help just closing early."

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Some did agree with the new rule though, and believe it will be helpful in decreasing the spread of the virus after the recent surge.

Caroline Anne Lawes commented: "May I suggest if businesses don't like this, they ask themselves if they've been following the guidelines to minimise risks?

"We all know one particular dessert place dropped the ball and infections in Bracknell started picking up after?"

This is in reference to the newly-opened Kaspa's dessert bar in Bracknell, which is temporarily closed after six employees tested positive for Covid-19.

Mick Uprichard said: "Unless WE the public accept our responsibilities for trying to tame this terrible virus, we will be still struggling to get back to normality in two years time."

Linda Coyle said: "yes it has to be enforced, there is a reason behind 10pm closings - the less alcohol consumed hopefully it will prevent large gatherings of people who have had too much to drink who don't socially distance or get into fights."