A woman was left feeling 'terrified' after two 'on the loose' dogs attacked her beloved pet.

The resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, made a report to police straight after the incident on Monday, September 21.

At time she was walking her two dogs in Warfield Street she spotted two 'lurcher' type dogs off leads approaching her.

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She said: "They looked painfully skinny. The two lurcher type dogs were on the loose and I thought somebody had lost them but they just came for us. My younger dog sensed something wasn't right and he is the weak one. One of the dogs just went for him. I was kicking the dog off mine, it was really scary."

The dog owner describes how the attack left her feeling. She added: "A woman stepped outside her house and told me to walk into her driveway and she shut the gate. I remember nearly falling to the floor on my knees from the adrenaline. She said she could hear the dogs going ballistic. It was really scary, my adrenaline was through the roof."

The woman believes the dog's belong to a nearby traveller site but cannot be certain.

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Police said they are in contact with the woman whose dogs were attacked.

A spokesman said: "This is a report from a dog walker, who was walking her two dogs on leads in Warfield Street, Bracknell, at about 5.45pm/6pm yesterday.

"Two loose dogs then approached her and her dogs, and attacked her dogs. After the incident, the loose dogs ran away.

"We are liaising with the victim and will be taking a full statement in due course.

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"If anyone has any information about the incident then they can contact the force online or call 101, quoting reference 186 (22/9)"

The woman is pleading residents in the area to always dog attacks to the police.

She said: "If anybody's dogs are attacked please report to police. The police are calling me on Saturday about it."