A junction in Sandhurst was closed last week due to a collision, and it hasn't been the first time.

The crash took place in Marshall Road between the junction of Yorktown Road and Laundry Lane, and follows another recent crash in the area.

South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS) said they received a call at 7.33am reporting a collision involving up to four vehicles.

One person was rushed to Frimley Park hospital with minor injuries.

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With collision happening frequently at this junction, we wanted to see just how many have happened in the past years.

The ambulance service recommended we look at data from crashmap.co.uk to get an insight into the accidents they have attended.

The data published by the Department for Transport is based on records submitted to them by police forces.

It looks at the last 21 years of crashes on the map.

At this junction alone there have been 44 collisions.

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Luckily none were fatal crashes but six displayed as being serious.

The number of crashes at the same junction significantly decreased in 2016.

From 2019 to 2016, only four collisions have taken place. A serious crash happened in 24/11/2017 involving one vehicles, according to the data.

On February 12, 2016 two cars were involved in a crash and one person was injured.

In 2018 on May 8, another crash saw two vehicles involved and a casualty.

On the whole, the data suggests dozens of crashes have happened at this junction but it is hard to pinpoint if this is because the junction is particularly dangerous or not.