From benches costing over £20k to McDonald's causing a stir with residents, a lot happened this time last year.

We have looked back at what made the News in September 2019.

The stories listed got the town talking the most, with our most read story on a fatal dog infection reaching 13,000 people in Bracknell.

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Do you remember any of these?

1."You won't believe how much this 'uncomfortable' bench cost the council"

Bracknell News:

A ‘bespoke’ new bench in Peach Place cost the council more than £22,000.

Data seen by the News in September 12 2019 showed the bench was part of a package of multiple benches which set the authority back more than £30,000 altogether.

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Made from sustainable hardwood, the bench was custom-designed to “create a unique feature” that would “serve a dual function as both functional seating and public art”.

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2."I'm not lovin' it - neighbour's 'horrible' McDonald's experience"

Bracknell News:

Bracknell’s town centre McDonald’s had to install frosting on the windows of its top floor because of complaints from residents.

Residents who live just metres away in flats opposite the Ferriby Court restaurant complained about customers looking into their homes and invading their privacy.

Residents living opposite the restaurant took drastic measures to stop customers looking into their homes - with one homeowner adding scary masks and Halloween decorations to their own windows.

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3. "Warning to dog owners after fatal infection outbreak in Berkshire"

Bracknell News:

Dog owners were being warned about a deadly infection after 1,465 cases of lungworm was reported across Berkshire on 23rd September.

13 dogs were infected in Bracknell Forest.

Lungworm can be fatal to dogs - nine per cent of infected dogs will die - and it is spreading throughout the UK.

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4."Bracknell teen secures place in Miss Teen Great Britain 2020"

Bracknell News:

A beauty queen secured a place in the semi-finals of Miss Teen Great Britain 2020 this time last year.

Charlie Kennedy-Rowles from Bracknell felt "excited" to have made it at the tough stage of the competition.

Contestants had to showcase their talents, raise money for charities and take part in challenges.

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5."Amazon delivery driver caught on CCTV chucking parcel across garden lawn"

Bracknell News:

A shopper was outraged when he filmed an Amazon delivery driver dropping off a parcel - by throwing it over his fence.

George Curl, 27, was at home in Ascot waiting for his order of vitamins when he noticed the white van drive away.

As he looked out the window, he saw his cardboard parcel lying on the grass outside.

Then the driver took a photo of it lying on the lawn to show Amazon his delivery was 'on time', on Saturday September 7 at around 12.55pm.

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