A 'serious' incident is currently being investigated after a man was spotted 'shooting arrows into the air' at a park.

On Tuesday, September 15, at about 12.35pm, a man was walking in North Lake in Bracknell when he saw arrows being fired in the park.

Steven Simister said he witnessed a man doing archery, firing a "few dozen arrows from either end of the field."

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An experienced archer himself, Mr Simister is warning park users to be careful with their dogs and children.

He said: "Before letting your dog (or kids) run on the field at South Hill Park (by the fishing lake), have a quick check for archers.

"Wind can have a dramatic effect on both range and direction, especially when clout shooting (into the sky).

"I called the police again yesterday as a friend of mine saw him again late afternoon loosing arrows."

Bracknell News:

Thames Valley Police confirmed it was called to the incident at South Hill Park about 12.20pm. The force also confirmed it made no arrests and nobody was injured.

Bracknell Town Council is also looking in the incident and said it is being treated 'serious' over the potential safety concerns.

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Councillor Malcolm Tullett, chairman of the environmental services committee and one of the ward councillors responsible for Old Bracknell, said: “Bracknell Town Council are treating this ‘public safety’ incident on land that we manage very seriously.

"Officers are liaising with the police who are aware of the matter.

"Permission has not been given for this activity at North Lake and we urge residents to contact 999 to report any such incidents to the police immediately.”