A family pub in Bracknell has responded to noise complaints and accusations of "breaching social distancing".

The owner of The Admiral Cunningham in Priestwood says "it hurts" to hear neighbours making these claims when they have had positive inspections from the council in recent weeks.

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A neighbour, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: "During this time can you tell me how the Admiral Cunningham is getting away with loud music every weekend, people dancing, shouting and singing. The surrounding paths are covered in glass."

Pub manager Shane Levey explained how drinks are only served in paper cups to make it easier for staff clearing up.

He said: "We are getting a lot of complaints from 1 or 2 neighbours in particular and it's really frustrating because we are not trying to upset anyone. 

"At peak times we do not serve any drinks in glass, we serve in plastic. Security do not let anybody take drinks off of the premises.

 "It hurts, we've had this family business for 25 years and suffered a terrible year with covid. We are trying to do all we can to survive this pandemic whilst trying to appease the neighbours." 



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Concerns have also been raised over loud music and lack of social distancing however the council have inspected the premises.

The Admiral Cunningham can house 256 customers at any one time but Shane explained there is never more than one hundred people on the site.

He added: "To clarify it is of no benefit for us to play loud music at all, financially or otherwise. In the past we have offered to install a decibel regulator but was told that this is tricky to control and not advised by the council.

"We are currently working with sound engineers to try and help with the complaints that we are getting. We had various meetings with councillors last week and both expressed they were very happy.

"This year we have had one event that was too loud. It was a kids event and we had an outside company put the event on. I have sent apologies to the neighbours for the excess noise. This event was finished by 6pm. We finish music at 9pm which we feel is more than fair. This is much earlier than we played music pre covid.  

"Since reopening from Covid we have had 5 different council inspections and on each occasion, hey have been satisfied with our protocol and praised us for our efforts.

"We do need some help with the music which I have asked the councillors for."

The Public Protection Partnership, which deals Environmental issues across Bracknell Forest Council, West Berkshire Council and Wokingham Borough Council said risk management measures are in place.

Sean Murphy, head of the Public Protection Partnership said: “The PPP has received a small number of calls regarding loud music and customers not socially distancing and have undertaken joint visits with the police regarding these issues.

"While officers are currently satisfied that Covid risk management measures are in place, investigations into the noise complaints remain ongoing and further visits to the premises will be undertaken if needed.”