A Bracknell family have welcomed their fifth generation after baby Aria Woods was born last week.

Little Aria is the fifth living member on her mother’s side of the family, with her great-grandmother Olive Lovett, aged 91, welcoming the news of his arrival with delight.

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Aria's grandad Simon Lovett said: “She makes the fifth generation of the Lovett family and she was born in lockdown too!"

Bracknell News:

Aria was born on Tuesday, September 1, at Frimley Park Hospital weighing 7lb 9oz.

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The time in the hospital wasn't a smooth ride for mum Laura and dad Chris due to coronavirus restrictions.

Jeanette, Aria's grandmother, said: "It was a very good pregnancy but the husband wasn't allowed to any antenatal appointments, never saw the live scans or heartbeats which for a 1st child was very sad.

"The labour room staff were brilliant as she was already 5cm dilated. When she arrived he was able to stay otherwise he would've been asked to leave, he was in the room 12hrs with her but wasn't allowed out to get food or fresh air, had to wear a mask all the time, but once she was moved to the postnatal ward she had lost a lot of blood so was in two more days."

Mrs Lovett explained how hard it was not being able to visit Laura before she gave birth.

She said: "He was only allowed to visit 2-4 pm - again he found this hard especially as she was weak and having blood transfusions he could've supported her by dealing with the baby to let her rest. We as grandparents weren't allowed to visit at all."