THE VISION for the next stage of Bracknell’s regeneration has been revealed by the developers tasked with enhancing the town centre.

Countryside, the housebuilders appointed to carry out the redevelopment of Market Street, Coopers Hill and Jubilee Gardens alongside Bracknell Forest Council in an investment worth around £124 million, have laid bare their plans for each site as the next step in the town’s transformation gets underway.

Bracknell’s latest makeover will include the building of 400 new homes, leisure facilities, retail units and more.

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Countryside’s vision for the project is to “deliver a high-quality development that supports a thriving, 18-hour town centre and is a catalyst for further regeneration in the area, and that serves the needs of all residents and businesses, including new community facilities and affordable housing, fostering a sense of local ownership.”

Almost 6,000 homes were built by Countryside in 2019, with around a third of these being made affordable.

From the 400 family-homes and flats set to be built in Bracknell, 140 will fall into this classification.

Market Street’s new developments will feature flats and leisure facilities and its ground floor will be made available for commercial use.

Bracknell News:

This site will be a key part of the developer’s goal to “build a town centre community” and support Bracknell’s retail sector.

Daniel King, Countryside managing director for Thames Valley, said: “[Market Street] has potential for significant transformation and to greatly improve the outlook of this part of the town.”

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Coopers Hill will be home to several new family homes and “alternative town centre living”.

Bracknell News:

Mr King said of the site: “Coopers Hill gives us an opportunity to bring family homes into the town centre, in a slightly quieter location.

“The green setting will help to bring character to a low-rise housing let scheme, and we believe this will make it a very attractive place to live.”

Jubilee Gardens is set to become a “gateway” to the town centre, with more flats added at this site.

Bracknell News:

The tower block will have an “active” ground floor leading shoppers to The Lexicon complete with “supporting but not competing” retail.

Countryside’s Mr King added: “[Jubilee Gardens] has a significant ability to act as an important gateway to the town centre, guiding people to The Lexicon.

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“Through an enhanced public realm and an active ground floor with commercial use, we aim to provide an improved transition in the town centre while once again providing high-quality accommodation and a desirable place to live.”

The details were given during a presentation about the proposals at a meeting of Bracknell Forest Council on Wednesday, September 9.