A fundraiser has been launched so a single mum can spend her last moments creating special memories with her son.

Patrycja Różycka friend from Bracknell has set up a fundraising page after the single mum was told she has four to six months left to live.

The 26-year-old was diagnosed with Lymphoma cancer in 2017 but after six chemotherapy treatments, it was gone.

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However, after eight months it turned to an aggressive Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL).

The fundraising page said: "During that chemotherapy she got a fungal infection and for the first time doctors told Patrycja that they are not able to help her anymore and she should decide where she wants to spend her last moments.

"They decided to try another way to fight the infection, she was given granulocyte from donors, white cells level was stabilised an MRI of the brain and spine has confirmed that there is a partial response to chemotherapy in the CNS, but still an extensive disease in the brain and spinal cord. Her prognosis is 4-6 months."

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Devastated by her friends news, Patrycja friend set up a page in the hope of raising just £500 so the mum and son Nikodem ca go on a little break somewhere.

Donations have poured in from the Bracknell community with £5,000 raised and counting.

The fundraiser added: "Her biggest dream is to take her little boy on their first holiday. Unfortunately her condition is not allowing her to go abroad so we have already started organising few short trips, stays, days out locally.

"We are already so overwhelmed with people's kindness, she was very touched with messages I was reading her when I went to see her in hospital last night. If all goes to plan she will leave hospital today. As she has been in hospital bed for 2 months her legs are weak so if anyone has a wheelchair we could borrow that would be great."

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