Dozens of children have been 'affected' by the closure of a 10-year-old scouts group in Bracknell.

The district commissioner for South Berkshire District Scouts, which runs 1st Jennett's Park in Bracknell, said they have had to 'temporarily' close the clubs.

Graeme Thompson, District Commissioner, said: "We are hopeful that this is just a temporary situation."

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"The Scout Group has been in existence for over 10 years providing adventure and new experiences for many young people. This closure will affect over 40 young people, currently attending these Sections. It is hoped to continue running the Scout Section which has over 20 members. "

The beavers and cubs have a chance to reopen if enough volunteers sign up.

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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the beaver and club leadership teams have been "unable to continue to function without additional local support."

Mr Thompson added: "All Scout Groups rely on a team of local volunteers to plan, co-ordinate and run activities. Unfortunately, given the current difficulties with the new restrictions caused by the pandemic, the Beaver and Cub leadership teams were unable to continue to function without additional local support.

"It is hoped that Scouting opportunities for the Beavers and Cubs in Jennett’s Park will be found in neighbouring Scout Groups.

"When the current difficulties have passed, requests for adults will made to form new leadership teams and the Beaver and Cub sections will be able to re-open. We are hopeful that more young people and families in Jennett’s Park will benefit from scouting as soon as possible.

Visit: to show your interest in becoming a volunteer.