Concerns have been raised over reports of anti-social behaviour and 'drug paraphernalia' at a children's park.

The police are working with Crowthorne Parish Council to try and tackle the "serious" vandalism incidents happening in Morgan Recreation Ground.

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It comes after the parish clerk and ground staff had to clear up broken glass from the children's climbing rocks, adult gym equipment and sports pitch this morning.

Alongside this, they had to clear away "vast amounts of bottles, cans, litter and drug paraphernalia."

Vandals have also deliberately started lighting fires in the park.

The parish council said: "Reports of deliberately lit fires on the boundary by the dentist were received yesterday which the Police attended to and apprehended the culprit.

"The Parish Clerk and ground staff have had to clear broken glass from the children’s climbing rocks, adult gym equipment & sports pitch this morning along with vast amounts of bottles, cans, litter & drug paraphernalia.

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"The barrier to the car park has also been deliberately vandalised and now has to be replaced at considerable cost to tax payers.

"Please see photo for details of how you can help bring the perpetrators of illegal and anti social behaviour to account."