Do you know where the speed cameras are in Bracknell?

There are currently 10 mobile units in the borough at locations according to online database Speed Cameras UK.

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Cameras are usually deployed at sites where "they have the greatest potential to reduce injury collisions, and where there is evidence of both collisions and speeding".

Where are they?

Here are the locations of speed cameras in Bracknell Forest according to the website.

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  • Sandhurst High street (30mph)
  • Sandhurst York Town Road (40mph)
  • Sandhurst Village
  • Crowthorne Dukes Ride (30mph)
  • South Hill Road, Bracknell (30mph)
  • Opladen Way, Bracknell (30mph)
  • Bagshot Road, (30mph)
  • Binfield, Forest Road (30mph)
  • The Ring, Bracknell (30mph)
  • Wokingham Road, A329 (30mph)

The units operate within Thames Valley Police.