Eye-catching anti-littering posters which were plastered around Bracknell has seemed to have done the trick in helping the environment.

The council's 'Don't be a to***r' message launched last month in a bid to curb littering following a big increase in rubbish during lockdown.

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The idea behind the posters is to grab people's attention and make them think twice before throwing rubbish on the floor.

Residents backed the new posters and said "unless it offends or shocks seems nothing or no one pays attention anymore."

We asked Bracknell Forest Council whether the posters have seen a reduction in littering across parks in Bracknell.

Since they were installed, the council believes the posters "raise attention" to the issue.

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Councillor John Harrison, executive member for culture, delivery and public protection said: “A few weeks ago, as part of a wider council anti-littering campaign, we started installing new posters in problem areas of our green spaces. Our posters aim to give a clear and simple message that people’s rubbish is their responsibility and they must take their litter home.

“This is part of a sustained effort to change attitudes towards littering. There are a combination of factors which together can contribute to the reduction in littering, such as the community outreach work we’re doing with the police, the re-opening of leisure facilities providing alternative places to visit, the poor weather keeping people at home and the fact that schools are now back. What is clear is that the posters have helped raise attention to this serious issue.

“We thank everyone who has taken extra care as a result of our messaging, and ask residents to continue to remain vigilant and remind family and friends about the importance of keeping open spaces tidy for everyone to enjoy.”