A "helpless" puppy dumped in the woods with it's umbilical cord still attached has left one walker feeling angered.

Gavin Reynolds from Bracknell was walking with his friend on Wednesday, September 9, when he spotted a black and white puppy in the forest in New Forest Ride.

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The two friends ran to the pups rescue and found it was abandoned and very weak.

Gavin told the News: "Me and a friend was on a walk yesterday and found this little pup abandoned with its umbilical cord still attached. "Unfortunately it was too weak so was put down by the vet. Please get word out about this as me and a lot of friends want to find this person as they should not be allowed dog's.

"It was an emotional experience that is for sure I could hear something in the distance and just had to investigate I didn't even think about my safety when going over the fence with barb wire on it as I just wanted to get the pup as quickly as possible but very lucky I found it especially as no one walks this bit of woodland as it's road side of the fence.

"I want this to get out there as much as possible as I want everyone to know what this person has done and in hope we find out who it is."

He angrily took to Facebook too in the hope whoever dumped the puppy would see the post.

It said: "To what ever scum bag ditched this helpless pup in the woods your lucky I found it alive and I hope for your sake I don't find out who you are."

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Locals on the We Love Bracknell Facebook Page have responded angrily to the news.

One person said: "Well done guys for finding her and taking her to vets. I do hope the scum bag who dump this little pup gets caught and never have animals again."

Another added: "This breaks my heart. Thank you Gavin for finding her and giving her the warmth and love she deserved! So glad you found her."

The puppy was taken to Medivet 24 Hour Wokingham Vets.

We are awaiting an update from the vets.