Coronavirus has certainly shaken things up this year with many plans including Halloween going to the grave.

With spooky season upon us the pandemic brings a scary time for everyone, with new six people rules and increase in covid-19 cases.

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And the age old question, is trick or treating safe this year? Compared to other activities where you can social distance, trick-or-treating brings a Covid-19 risk for parents to manage.

We asked residents what their thoughts are on the activity and whether they will be partaking in the fun tradition.

One mum is planning to dress the children up and look at the decorated homes and then enjoy the sweets at home.

Caroline Anne Lawes said: "Of course, just do like the delivery people, knock and step back"

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Sophie Dawn Angel said: "If they say the virus lives off surfaces for x amount of time then it wouldn’t be safe to let your children take sweets from multiple peoples home would it."

Tamara Plankton said: "If you open a bag of sweets and tip some in a child's pot that's left on a step, it'll be fine"

Grace Clemens added: "Planning to dress mine up then take them on a walk to look at the decorated houses (hopefully) then return for sweets &treats from home."

The most common answer is that residents won't be trick-or-treating due to coronavirus living on surfaces.

Taking sweets from different homes seems risky, according to residents.