EVER wondered what the most common reported crime in Bracknell is?

We have delved into crime figures in the town to see what the top five most-reported crimes were in the last year, and the answers may surprise you.

Data by Thames Valley Police.UK reveals figures from the last 12 months and according to these statistics, violence and sexual offences is the most reported crime.

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According to the website, 23 per cent of all reported crime in the year was related to violence and sexual offences with 92 reports made.

The category was the highest-ranking crime in comparison to all other reported crimes for that year.

And here are the top five most reported crimes in Bracknell between July 2019 to June 2020

  1. Violence and sexual offences: 91 reports (23%)
  2. Shoplifting: 67 (17%)
  3. Other theft: 51 (12.9%)
  4. Bicycle theft: 48 (12.2%)
  5. Anti-social behaviour: 39 (9.9%)

Data also shows how the crimes were dealt with by police in the last year.

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The force has a record of what the most common outcomes for crimes were from Jul 2019 to Jun 2020.

Out of all the crimes committed in Bracknell, they are resolved by the investigation being completed with no suspect identified

This outcome applied to 120 crimes (30.4%).

The second highest outcome was the force unable to prosecute the suspect with 106 crimes.