THE following cases appeared at Reading and Slough Magistrates' Court:


August 1:


PETER HUGHES, 34, of no fixed abode, admitted going equipped for theft - namely having a orange handled hammer, yellow handled screwdriver, and a black and green handled screwdriver - in Bracknell on October 13, 2019. Also admitted stealing boxes of chocolates and a bottle of coke worth £33.39 from a BP petrol station in Bracknell on March 31, 2020. Sentenced to prison for 14 weeks due to previous record.


August 5:


AARON DOYLE, 35, of Deepfield Road, Bracknell, admitted stealing seven LEGO box sets and two game console controllers worth £325.91 from Game in Bracknell on December 14, 2019. Also admitted stealing three bottles of champagne worth £82.50 from a BP garage in Bracknell on March 8. Admitted stealing eight bottles of wine worth £62 from a BP garage in Bracknell on March 4. Also admitted stealing four bottles of prosecco worth £50 from a BP garage in Bracknell on March 1. Also admitted stealing two bottles of whiskey worth £28 from a Co-Op in Bracknell on March 7. Also failed to surrender to Reading Magistrates Court on October 12, 2019, and on July 29. Given a community order including a ban from Co-op in Falcon Way, and the BP Garage in Bagshot Road in Bracknell for six months. Given a community order to comply with rehabilitation activity. Also ordered to pay £100 compensation.

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