THOUSANDS of secondary school children across Bracknell will be returning to classrooms over the next few weeks with masks in tow following a new Government announcement.

Students in high-risk lockdown areas will have to wear face coverings in a bid to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Head teachers in any secondary school will also have the power to introduce masks in their schools.

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Pupils will have to wear masks in communal areas of schools such as hallways — but not classrooms.

We asked Bracknell readers whether they think children should wear face masks in school.

The news has been met with split opinions from parents, many of whom are determined they won’t send their children back into the classroom if it means they have to wear a face covering – saying making them where one would leave many children fainting.

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson said the announcement followed updated advice from the World Health Organisation (WHO) saying children aged over 12 should wear masks.

Among those reacting to the news was Indu Smith who commented on Bracknell's News' Facebook post her reasons for not wanting her children to wear one.

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She said: "It's quite difficult to converse with masks on in a shop, never mind teach children with them on. And teachers can't see facial expressions. Plus the kids will be just screwing up the mask and stuffing it in their pockets when not in use which is worse anyway."

Leanna Jade Obbard added: "No, half the population of adults don’t even wear them properly what’s the point even trying with kids"

Adele Johnson said: "If children have to wear masks in school then it’s clearly not safe to open the schools"

However not all parents were against the news, with some saying they would rather their children be allowed to choose.

Tony Hutchings said: "As a key worker and working through the lock down, I have discussed this issue with my son who goes back in September to year 10 and because of what I do and where I work he is happy to wear a face covering in his classes."

Carla Hughes agreed and said: "If my children's schools want the children to wear them then they will wear them!"