HEWLETT Packard Enterprise is moving out of its UK headquarters in Bracknell having been based in the borough for more than three decades.

The news may have come as a shock to many residents with many undoubtedly having questions about the software firm’s departure.

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With this in mind, we investigated some of the queries readers may have.

Is this move because of COVID-19?

In their planning statement, the new owners of the HP Enterprise (HPE) site at Amen Corner on Cain Road alluded to “the changing economic circumstances the country is experiencing.”

This could quite easily refer to the economic impact the pandemic has had, especially given the designers of the business park which will replace HP’s home also noted demand for office use is “declining”.

Bracknell News:

They wrote: “The proposals will [...] improve the appearance of the area while making the best use of the previously developed land to reposition the site from office use, a declining sector with limited occupier demand, to industrial and warehouse use, a growing sector with strong occupier demand.”

But a quick Google search will tell you HP’s plans to move out have been in the pipeline for some time, long before coronavirus was a household name.

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An article from commercialnewsmedia.com indicates HP was gearing up to move out of Bracknell from at least December 2019 after the sale of their site was finalised.

Richard Bains, the managing director of Chancery, one of the three firms tied up in the joint venture which purchased the 23-acre HP site, also explained the move on the site.

Bracknell News:

He said: “Many larger-scale office occupiers who have traditionally favoured campus-style offices in the edge of town locations are moving back into city centres.”

Why are they moving to Winnersh?

Hewlett Packard Enterprise will move into 31,000 square foot of property at 210 Winnersh Triangle.

This squares up against the 23-acre site HPE was operating from, where the new business park set to be built could be 350,000 square-feet large, according to commercialnewsmedia.com.

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It is not clear how much of this space was used by HPE for its office operations, but an educated guess suggests the software giant is downsizing somewhat.

It also helps Hewlett Packard Enterprise built and owned the site, meaning its sale will likely have fetched a hefty sum.

Bracknell News:

The Winnersh Triangle space HPE will occupy is set to complete a refurbishment by September 2020 following investment in the Wokingham borough estate by Fraser Property UK.

Speaking in June, CEO of Frasers Property UK Ilaria del Beato said on businessmag.co.uk: “We are attracting the biggest companies to our business parks by providing high-quality workspaces and amenities for innovative businesses to grow and attract the best available talent.”

Winnersh Triangle’s improvements also include adding a sports hub with a fitness studio, adding new footpaths, better landscaping and more.

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HPE’s “contemporary” and “inspiring” space includes a cafe, co-working spaces and a breakout area, according to Winnersh Triangle’s website.

Commercial News Media described their new home as “cutting edge”.

Does this mean businesses are becoming less interested in Bracknell?

Hardly. As the News revealed yesterday, the new business park’s developers hope to attract local, regional and national companies to their new warehouse and industrial spaces.

Looking at commercialnewsmedia.com’s December report, the proposed business park will “be promoted for industrial, warehousing and logistics purposes, as well as bespoke data centre facilities, serving London, the western Home counties and the southeast.”

In a statement featured on the site, Chancerygate managing director, Richard Bains, said the takeover will allow the new owners of the space to provide “much-needed industrial space within the M3/M4 corridor”.

He added: “This change provides clear commercial opportunities for us to implement our plans to deliver new urban-centric logistics facilities and business units to satisfy the high volume of demand we are experiencing for our product.”

So, in other words, expect several new small, medium and large-sized companies to move in at one of the 22 new warehouse spaces set to be built on Cain Road.

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Only this April was it announced American drugs giant Eli Lilly would be coming to the town.

They will be joining a range of well-renowned companies with bases in Bracknell, including Panasonic, Fujitsu, Honda and more.