PARK users are being told to not be a 't****r' and discard their litter properly following an increase of rubbish following lockdown.

The message 'Don't be a tosser' has been plastered on new signs across parks in Bracknell to encourage residents to be responsible when it comes to litter.

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Bracknell Forest Council has taken inspiration from other council's for the slogan, and said it does not mean to cause offence.

Cllr John Harrison, executive member for culture, delivery and public protection, said: “Since lockdown restrictions have eased, there has been a noticeable increase in the amount of litter being left in our open spaces.

Bracknell News:

“There is no excuse for littering, it is illegal, anti-social, has a negative impact on our environment and costs thousands of pounds each year to clear up. It needs to stop now."

It comes after large amounts of rubbish is being left in local parks and countryside like Westmorland Park (pictured above).

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Cllr Harrison added: “Thank you to our rangers, contractors and volunteers, including members of Bracknell Youth Council, who work hard to support us in keeping local parks clean and safe, but they shouldn’t have to pick up other people’s rubbish.

“We hope our new posters will deliver a clear and simple message, which is take your litter home. We do not wish to upset anyone with the language we are using in our campaign posters, and hope residents will understand it is the littering that is offensive and must be tackled robustly.

“Parents can also help by encouraging their children to protect their local parks when out with friends. They can put their rubbish in a public bin or bring their bottles and cans home with them to be recycled.”