A RUGBY club in Crowthorne has been hit hard a few times with vandals destroying its pitch and causing destruction.

Fans and residents in the area have been left feeling 'disgusted' with the behaviour of the individuals who targeted Crowthorne RFC over Friday, August 7 and Saturday 8.

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It comes after the club's chairman Ian Mcleod put up a statement on We Love Crowthorne Facebook page, informing residents over the incident.

Crowthorne RFC said the manhole covers were removed, broken glass and beer cans were left on the pitches as well as damage caused to the setting light.

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However, people taken negatively to the news calling for the vandals to be "named and shamed".

One person said angrily: "When you've all worked so hard to get the club up and running. it's absolutely disgraceful."

Another suggested adding community patrols to prevent further vandalism from happening in the future.

They said: "What about community patrols. Worth discussing with community police officer. If they start seeing community patrols they will stop or move somewhere else.

"CCTV does not work as never good enough quality."

It is not the first time this incident has happened.

Ian Macleod, Crowthorne RFC chairman, said: "Once again on Friday and Saturday evening this week Crowthorne RFC was a target of people visiting our club but unfortunately behaving in an anti-social way."