They used to be a staple of everyday life but now several payphones are set to be removed from spots all across Bracknell Forest.

Eight planning applications have been submitted to the council to carry out the removals.

But few details about proposals exist, including who is requesting to remove them and why.

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In 2017 BT announced it would scrap half of the UK’s remaining telephone boxes, meaning around 20,000 would be removed.

According to the BBC, at their peak in 1992 there were 92,000 phone boxes available in the UK.

Despite the lack of planning application details, what has been made clear is the location of all eight payphones.

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According to planning submissions, the payphones set to be removed are located at:

  • Birch Hill shops, Liscombe, Bracknell

Bracknell News:

  • Crowthorne Rail Station, Dukes Ride
  • Yeovil Road, Owlsmoor
  • Near Don Beni, Winkfield
  • Church Road, Ascot
  • High Street, Crowthorne
  • Rickman Close, South Hill Road, Bracknell
  • Ralphs Ride, Bracknell

All eight applications are pending consideration and are set to be judged by Bracknell Forest Council.