A MUM feels 'disgusted' after seeing dirty face masks being discarded on pavements and green verges.

Hope Le-aana Milburn from Dukes Ride in Crowthorne said she spotted six used coronavirus face masks on the floor on her commute to work.

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She posted on a public Facebook Page calling for residents to be more responsible when it comes to disposing face masks.

Hope said: "I felt disgusted, disappointed and sick. Especially as I have a young child who likes to pick flowers and pick up feathers and rocks and the majority of the masks are chucked in the grass areas."

The resident believes the used masks are a health hazard.

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Luckily, she managed to stop her son from picking up the mask from the floor after spotting it buried in the grass.

She added: "I’m walking to work and I’m about 5-7 minutes from my house and have seen 6 masks on the floor so far!

"Is it so hard to find a bin or keep it in your bag or pocket until you can dispose of it properly?"

Face masks are mandatory under the lockdown rules to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Masks have to be worn in shops and supermarkets unless you are exempt from wearing one.