THE TRUE cost of coronavirus to Bracknell Forest Council (BFC) has been revealed.

A report prepared for councillors indicates the pandemic cost the authority more than £6 million over the course of five months.

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BFC spent an extra £3.3 million as it got to grips with the virus, while the council lost an additional three million pounds due to a lack of income from sales, charges and fees.

April was the worst month for the authority as total costs came to around £1.7 million.

Despite the costs, BFC has already received £6.6 million from the government in funding support.

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More cash could still yet come the authority’s way if the government pays up through its new support package for council, which will reimburse local authorities for some of the income they have lost from sales and charges over the past few months.

Despite this, the council could be forced to use some of its reserves — money typically saved for emergency situations — to come through the pandemic.

The effect the costs will have on the council’s financial position is set to be discussed at a meeting tomorrow night (Wednesday, August 12), but a note in the report suggests the current year will be “difficult” but “manageable.”

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A further report prepared for the council’s top team laying bare the authority’s expected position and response strategy is set to be laid bare near the end of the month.