BRACKNELL town is no stranger to shop closures and there have been a few significant losses in the past.

Our article on 'the closures that rocked the town centre' left many of our readers reflecting on the much-loved department store Bentalls.

Fenwick is the modern day Bentalls following the towns estimated £750 million regeneration project transforming Bracknell into the Lexicon.

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But as residents look back on previous shop closures, one particular store got the town talking...and yes it is Bentalls.

Bentalls was seen as the shop which sold everything was supposedly 50 per cent cheaper than items sold in Fenwick today.

Claire Wicks said: "Bentall was fresh and exciting when it opened in the late 70's, we really felt like it had taken Bracknell up a level."

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Others are quite confused thinking it is just the same store, "Why are people saying they miss Bentalls? It’s still there just renamed as Fenwick?"

Natasha Van Hemelryk said: "I don’t miss the old town centre but I loved having a mooch around Bentalls and Little Harrods."

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