A RUGBY club has 'once again' been a target of vandalism after waking up to find the pitch was 'destroyed'.

Crowthorne RFC have shared a statement to residents and fans after being targeted twice over the weekend on Friday and Saturday.

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The club said the manhole covers were removed, broken glass and beer cans were left on the pitches as well as damage caused to the setting light.

Ian Macleod, Crowthorne RFC chairman, said: "Once again on Friday and Saturday evening this week Crowthorne RFC was a target of people visiting our club but unfortunately behaving in an anti-social way.

"Friday evening, manhole covers were removed and thrown down the manholes not only damaging them but also creating a hazard to members of the general public wishing to make the most of our wonderful environment and CRFC member’s.

"Saturday evening, once again groups of people took it upon themselves to visit the club leaving broken bottles, beer cans and other debris on the playing surfaces for Club members to clean up as well as causing wilful damage setting light to an area of ground next to the main 1st XV pitch."

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Mr Macleod said Thames Valley Police is assisting the rugby club in their efforts to catch the culprits.

A warning has also been given to anyone who is thinking of "abusing" or damaging" the club.

The statement added: "As you all know Crowthorne RFC is a community Rugby Club and welcomes anyone who wishes to partake In the the sport we have grown up playing and all love. However anyone caught abusing and damaging our Club will be seen as trespassers and the Club will bring these people to the attention of the police and seek prosecution to the fullest extend of the law."