SUNFLOWER season is upon us and one couple in Bracknell are showcasing their impressive gardening skills.

Lyn Daynes and her husband Rod have used their time in lockdown to grow sunflowers in their beautiful garden in Winkfield.

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Keen gardener Rod planted the seeds and with plenty of water and TLC, the sunflowers have shot up to 14ft tall!

The tallest winning sunflower ever recorded was in Germany which grew 30 feet high.

Lyn said she is tiny when stood next to her sunflower as she is 4ft 11.

Bracknell News:

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She said: "I am only 4 ft 11 so everything looks tall next to me!

"We have always loved gardening and growing veg, had an allotment on next door’s land. This is the first time we have grown this many."

When asked how they look after their sunflowers, Lyn said, "They like LOTS of water and we feed them every couple of weeks . They are an amazing plant and are one of my favourites. They are edible, and you can dry the seeds for next year."

The couple have also gifted their neighbours sunflowers which "they are very happy with".

She added: "The neighbours were very happy. They all have them in pots at the front, so at the moment everywhere you look, there is a sunflower."