CONCERNED residents took to 'rescuing' swans who were reportedly swimming in polluted water.

The swans in Mill Pond, Bracknell were checked over by Swan Support last night (Wednesday, August 5) following calls from worried residents.

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It comes after Paul Wright, a resident who lives near the park, reportedly spotted 'oil' in the water.

He said: "Swan support come out last night and the male and female were cleaned and then put back in the pond as they were not to sure what oil was in the pond."

The photos he took (pictured above) shows the swans swimming in the water where the 'oil' is.

Mill Pond is looked after by Bracknell Town Council and the team have reassure residents that the swans are fine.

A spokesperson for BTC said: "Swan life checked the swans last night and none were harmed and they didn’t need to be cleaned.

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"We have checked the pond this morning and there is no oil residue left."

Thames Water has also been contacted for a comment.