WARFIELD will not be getting more than two dozen extra homes after two separate planning applications were thrown out by the council.

Late last year two separate designs for 10 homes on Hayley Green and 15 homes off Newell Green were submitted to Bracknell Forest Council (BFC) but both have now been refused by the authority’s planning chiefs.

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Only one objection commented was lodged for the former application, with another six for the latter.

Explaining why the plan for ten homes at Hayley Green off Forest Road were scrapped, a BFC planning chief claimed the houses would cause harm to the rural setting of the area as it is based outside land designated for housebuilding, they would impact local wildlife, and they would add more pressure to the roads.

Bracknell News:

Harm to the character of the area was also a reason listed in BFC’s refusal of the Newell Green application, which is also off Forest Road.

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Other concerns BFC had included a lack of affordable housing at the site, increased pressure on public open space and community facilities, an ‘inadequate’ parking layout, and more.

Bracknell News:

The ten-homes application would have seen one house (‘Woodlands’) demolished to make way for the new dwellings, as was the case with a previous plan for twelve homes submitted in 2017 which was also refused.

The fifteen-homes plan is on the same site as a plan for twelve homes which was refused in October 2018, leading to developers appealing this rejection before it was ultimately refused by the Planning Inspectorate.