A KFC in Bracknell is celebrating TV fame after residents spotted the restaurant on a viral video online.

Bosses of KFC confirmed the Bracknell restaurant was used as a filming spot in a video created by UNILAD.

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The video features Michael Koropisz, who lives his life in the Victorian era and has never touched KFC food before.

The Lad Bible content creators at Unilad filmed Michael trying the chicken for the first time at the restaurant in Bagshot Road with KFC superfan Stevo.

Bemused Bracknell residents commented underneath the video to say they spotted their hometown.

Tyler Wright said: "Wait what I've never seen this guy in Bracknell!"

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Marcus Neves said: "Big up Bracknell" and Izaak Lloyd-Ahmed added: "This is the KFC down the road from me!"

A KFC spokesman said: "Michael Koropisz lives his life as a Victorian and had never tried a KFC before so he headed to KFC Bracknell to get his first ever fried chicken fix with KFC superfan Stevo."

KFC in Bagshot Road was previously the talk of the town when Chris Eubank, former British boxing champion was spotted inside.

Fans and customers scrambled to take pictures of Chris Eubank, sharing their excitement on social media.

Watch the video here: https://www.facebook.com/uniladmag/posts/991530371367831/