FORMAL investigations have taken place after a mum claimed to have spotted dead fish in a lake.

Elena Rose from Bracknell said she has noticed the water in Farley Moor Lake to be 'dirty' with a few dead fish in the water.

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She said she would usually take her daughter to feed the geese but since last week, hardly any have showed up.

However Thames Water carried out a formal investigation on Tuesday, August 4, at the lake.

They said the lake has plenty of wildlife and is in good health, disputing the claims.

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A Thames Water spokesman said: "Looking after nature and the environment is one of our top priorities so when we heard there might be a problem at the pond we immediately sent a team to investigate.

"They carried out a thorough inspection and the pond appears to be in good health, with plenty of wildlife around."

Ms Rose still stands on the fact she had previously spotted hundreds of geese at the lake but since last week, hasn't seen any.