IT has been more than two weeks since we were made to wear face masks in shops and supermarkets, but how are people finding it?

On Friday, July 24, the government announced a new rule wear it is compulsory to wear a face covering when entering a retail store, shop and supermarket.

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According to a new study, some 70 per cent of people reported wearing a mask in July, up from 19 per cent in April.

And customer numbers have fallen since compulsory face masks were introduced in shops, with shopping centres seeing a 4 per cent drop in shoppers.

As it has been a little while since the rule was enforced, readers in Bracknell were asked whether they find it more comfortable to wear a face mask.

The majority of readers commented a thumbs up and said they are used to wearing a face covering and don't see it as a problem.

On the other hand, a few people said their health issues and anxiety meant wearing a face mask made them feel more anxious and worried.

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Here is what readers said

Lauren Mitchell said: "Would rather wear a mask however uncomfortable than be on a ventilator."

Kathryn Evans: "Don’t mind wearing a mask. I am so frustrated by people who think because they have a mask they think you don’t have to SD [social distance)]. The mask is not a replacement for SD but another preventative measure."

Janine Swan: "I felt comfortable without one. At the height of the pandemic we didn’t need one. Now all of a sudden. Makes no sense at all."

Jon Mellor: "No they don’t work are pointless and makes life uncomfortable. It’s just another form of virtue signalling it should never have been made compulsory."

Simon Maynard: "If Doctors and nurses can wear them constantly for an eight hour plus shift then no issue for me to wear one to pop to the shops. Nothing about this pandemic is comfortable but we need to help each other to help ourselves."

Jess Ward: "No not at all, as a deaf person, it makes talking to people very hard, as can't lipread, and I get feedback on my hearing aids from the straps."

Gabriela Veres Platon: "Unfortunately i believe it’s too late, this measure should’ve been imposed in March"

Ross McKenzie: "NOPE! I’ve stopped using public transport and Uber. Moved my shopping online and pretty much wont be going anywhere a mask is required."