A MUM has prompted investigations to take place after seeing 'dead fish' and fewer geese at a lake in Bracknell.

Elena Rose from Bracknell said she has noticed the water in Farley Moor Lake to be 'dirty' with a few dead fish in the water.

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She said she would usually take her daughter to feed the geese but since last week, hardly any have showed up.

"There used to be quite a few geese at the pond behind Honda office in Bracknell. My daughter absolutely loved them so we would come to feed them pretty much every day. Would just bring them oats and corn.

"Today we went to see them and there were just a few geese again. The pond looks deserted and water is dirty. Those few geese that were there didn’t come close to us which was odd. We also saw a few dead fish in the water."

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Before, Elena recalls seeing roughly 100 geese at the lake but now she feels 'concerned'.

She added: "I’m concerned that something could have happened there. Normally geese would be by the pond or nearby but not that day."

Thames Water has confirmed that they own Farley Moor Lake in Bracknell Forest.

A Thames Water spokesman said: "Looking after nature and the environment is one of our top priorities so when we heard there might be a problem at the pond we immediately sent a team to investigate.

"They carried out a thorough inspection and the pond appears to be in good health, with plenty of wildlife around."