DEVELOPMENTS on the South Wokingham Distributor Road are still in progress, however the first phase is now complete.

The aim of the distributor road is to improve growth and manage congestion in the borough by creating an alternative route from London Road to Finchampstead Road, around the Wokingham town centre.

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A spokesman for the Wokingham Borough Council said: "The SWDR is being built primarily to serve the 2,500 new homes coming to the South Wokingham major development as well as to ease traffic.

"The first phase, William Heelas Way through Montague Park to the school, is completed.

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"Once complete the new road will connect London Road and Waterloo Road, through to new junctions at Easthampstead Road and Finchampstead Road, connecting to the existing Tesco roundabout."

Construction of the road itself will begin once the land for the new road is made available to the council by landowners.

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