ARGOS officially announced they will be closing their doors from September and it's got the town talking.

The retailer in Princess Square announced last month that it will no longer be operating in Bracknell town centre.

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The nearest available Argos will be in Sainsbury's in Bagshot Road.

Store colleagues will also have the opportunity to move over to the Argos in Bagshot Road.

However, some staff may lose their jobs.

Readers have shared their thoughts and opinions to the store closure and its move to Sainsbury's in Bracknell.

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Here's what you said:

Simon Maynard said: "It’s a real shame, best of luck to all working there."

Carolyn Caz Prior: "That's a shame. Trying to social distance at the one in Sainsbury's at Xmas will be a nightmare."

Malcolm McCue: "Glad to hear it. They never have anything in stock anyway."

Celeste Harle: "Probably because once works are completed the rent will double. No more restaurants please or coffee shops."

Linda Parker: "Great Shame. Would be great if Wilko took over the space though."

Nicola Bulloch: "It was lovingly known in my family as the out of stock shop"

Patrick Cooper: "Sad to see it go"

Andrew Robinson: "I’m surprised there’s anything left in Bracknell, what with sky high rent and Covid."

Dave Start: "Most of them nowadays are inside a Sainsbury's."