CHEEKY monkeys had fun playing with reels of old hosepipe which would have been destroyed at landfill.

The rescue primates at Lakeview Monkey Sanctuary in Ascot, had their enclosure transformed into a play area with hosepipe donated by Thames Water.

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For more than 30 years, the sanctuary in Berkshire has rescued primates from circuses, laboratories and the pet trade in the UK and abroad to give them a second chance at life in a tranquil woodland setting.

Hundred of metres of redundant plastic hose normally used to pump clean water has also now been given a new lease of life as walkways for the animals to enjoy.

Sharon Shaw, of Lakeview Monkey Sanctuary, said: "Our rhesus monkeys love using the hoses as walkways. It’s really tough and wide, enabling them to bounce around their enclosure with ease and, for us, it's great, because it’s really hard wearing and will last a very long time.”

She added: “We believe the primates in our care have the right to peace and tranquillity and the time to be with their own kind. The sanctuary is not open to the general public because of the fragility of the majority of the primates who have suffered through the circumstances of their past conditions and from abuse.

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“Each individual is treated with compassion, patience and love and supported to live out their remaining years and at last, find sanctuary.”

The old hose was donated to and repurposed by a team building organisation on behalf of the sanctuary.

Gemma Buss, Thames Water’s recycling lead, said: “It’s wonderful to see the animals playing and having fun with their new toys.

“What was once a pile of old hoses that we didn’t need any more should hopefully give them years of pleasure and enjoyment. It’s also great for the environment as the waste has been diverted from landfill.”

Mark Kingston-Jones, co-founder of Team Building With Bite, said: “Being able to reuse and recycle materials to improve animal welfare is always fantastic, and this hose donated by Thames Water has made a huge impact on the lives of these rescued monkeys.

“As each coil is 50 metres long we have been able to add considerably to their climbing opportunities, which for these rescued animals is so important for their mental and physical wellbeing, acting like a physical therapy to help them develop and maintain their balance and coordination.”