DRIVERS have caused a stir on social media following the new instalment of double yellow lines.

Double yellow lines were painted along Nine Mile Ride in order to make the road safer.

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Bracknell Forest Council said that due to the rise in cars parking "dangerously", lines were installed to prevent people parking along the grass verges.

Cllr Chris Turrell, executive member for transport and planning, said: “It is disappointing that some drivers are choosing to ignore the restrictions. "I’d like to remind visitors to Swinley Forest that, should The Look Out car park be full, they should return home or travel elsewhere, instead of parking on verges. This poses a significant risk to other road users and visitors to the area, as well as to the driver and passengers of the car."

One resident has expressed his anger after noticing drivers ignoring the yellow lines by parking between The Golden Retriever roundabout The Look Out in order to visit Swinley Forest.

Allen Tyler said: "The ruling on yellow double lines states that no parking is permitted at anytime on the road, pavement or verges.

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"Owners of cars who think they are safe as long as they are not parked on the carriageway (ie to the left or inside the double yellow line on the verge) are breaking the law and could face a £70 fixed penalty fine.

"Now of course, illegally parked cars pulling out over the brow of a hill or opening their doors present a similar problem albeit, precipitating a high speed rear end shunt or worse!"

Readers on social media have also said how dangerous the road is.

Nicola Bulloch said: "Trying to cross the road is nearly impossible because of the road to Hanworth being closed, there needs to be a crossing for us to get into the forest by cesars camp safely."