SHOULD restaurants in Bracknell list calories on menus ?

Boris Johnson announced a new government plan, forcing restaurants and cafes with over 250 employees to put calorie counts on their menus.

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It comes after the Prime Minister admitted he was “too fat” when he was taken into intensive care after contracting the illness in April.

Now, he wants to 'ease pressure' of the NHS by getting the nation healthier, and having calories printed on menus is apparently the answer.

When calories are on menus, the amount of calories in each food item for sale is shown.

This aims to help consumers to make more informed choices about what they eat.

So we asked our readers whether they think it is a good idea or detrimental to people's lives.

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Here's what readers think:

Rachel Emmett said: "Yes, I’d like to see the information. We’re an obese nation and need to be more aware and educated about what we’re consuming."

Caroline Anne Lawes: "Nope, I think people could get obsessive about it with all the calorie counting, just don't over eat, & exercise a bit more."

Laraine Turton said: "No. You should be able to request a menu with calories on.

"It could cause eating disorders especially for teenagers and young adults."

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Andrew Robinson added: "Eating out should be a treat, where you don't obsess about calories. If people don't realise that frequently eating fast food correlates with weight gain, I don't think some numbers on a card is going to make any difference."

Katrina David said: "I think its a good idea, helps people like myself make better choices. Some salads can have more calories than a burger so I would welcome the calorie info on menus"