A TREE which has been reportedly 'butchered' in Bracknell has left one man feeling rather...annoyed.

The large and unique tree in Trevelyan, Great Hollands is at the centre of a squabble due to residents not wanting it to be removed.

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Bob Reading claims the tree has a Tree Protection Order (TPO) and therefore it 'should be protected'.

He said: "I was annoyed at the work on the tree as it was a lovely tree and very welcoming at the entrance of our road. We all knew that tree was protected and l had to pay on five occasions to have my satellite dish moved due to it.

"The tree cutters were Calibra, surely should have known better! The council are investigating ( so presumably nothing will be done apart from the tree being removed- & the wall which was becoming damaged will probably be taken down & rebuilt to extend garden?"

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Bracknell Forest Council said this is a partial removal of a tree and are carrying out an ongoing investigation.

Stephen Chown, head of parks and countryside, said: “Our tree team is aware of an issue surrounding the partial removal of a tree in Trevelyan. This matter is the subject of a current, ongoing investigation, and so we aren’t able to comment any further until this has been completed.”