BRACKNELL is fully of many talents and is often a backdrop for films, series and believe it or not...TV commercials.

Whether it's two sisters singing their way through The Voice Kids or a girl appearing on a Specsavers advert, our residents have a lot to be proud of.

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Sometimes it is nice to be watching the TV and hearing your hometown pop up and Bracknell has appeared on telly a lot in recent weeks.

1. Bracknell teenager Asher appears on The Voice Kids ITV

Bracknell News:

This singing success turned all four coaches heads on The Voice Kids last Saturday (July 25).

He sung a rendition of Come Together by The Beatles and he really impressed the judges...

And, he is from Bracknell!

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2. Wokingham girl in Specsavers advert has glasses swallowed by pet dog twice

Bracknell News:

An unfortunate mishap for Chloe has led her to TV fame after catching the eyes of Specsavers.

Her puppy Pebbles ate her glasses twice and the team loved this story so much she appeared on TV on Saturday, June 13.

3.Bracknell stars from Dani Harmers Academy of Performing Arts impress judges

Bracknell News:

Three singing stars from Bracknell appeared on a TV talent contest with one being chosen by McFly guitarist Danny Jones

Connie Burgess attends Tracy Beaker star Dani Harmer's Academy of Performing Arts in Crowthorne and applied to go on ITV'S The Voice Kids.

Her younger sisters Nancy and Betsy, aged 10, also tried to turn the judges heads but unfortunately, they weren't chosen.

4.Rankin pictures Bracknell paramedic to feature on billboards around London

Bracknell News:

KATE Moss, Rolling Stones, the Queen, and a 'proud' Bracknell paramedic has joined the star-studded line-up of people pictured by world-renowned photographer Rankin.

It may not be a TV advert, series of show but his face is quite literally plastered ALL over London.

Local paramedic Stuart Brookfield had a professional photoshoot for billboard pictures paying tributes to those who have been vital in the fight against Covid-19.

5.Hanna Amazon Prime Show filmed

Bracknell News:

Can you guess the opening shot of Hanna Season 2?

If not then recently filmmakers of Hanna filmed at Coppid Beech in Bracknell.

It may not be a local star but it must be exciting for people who watch the show to see a familiar location on the big screen.