ON Monday, Boris Johnson urged people to reach a healthy weight in order to take the strain off the NHS during the coronavirus crisis.

The Prime Minister admitted he was “too fat” when he was taken into intensive care after contracting the illness in April.

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But he revealed he has since lost more than a stone in a bid to return to fitness, achieving this weight-loss through regular morning runs with his dog.

And he urged others to follow his lead as part of the Government’s new, Better Health Strategy.

He said: “If you can get your weight down a bit and protect your health, you’ll also be protecting the NHS...What we are doing now with our Better Health Strategy is just trying to help people, a little bit, to bring their weight down."

But, with Mr Johnson hoping the national health-kick will soon take hold, how well-equipped is Bracknell and Reading residents to live a healthy and active lifestyle?

Bracknell News:

Personal finance company Bankrate decided to find out, with a mission of uncovering Britain’s “healthiest high street” by creating a new HealthRate index.

The study rated cities on the number of gyms, green spaces and vegan eateries on offer, with Bracknell/Reading coming 35th in the table.

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The borough was given a 135 healthy rate score for the number of gyms, leisure centres, parks, pubs and food takeaways.

York was named as the healthiest high street with 471 points, while Peterborough was slapped with the unwanted title of least healthy with -104 points.