DUMPING household waste seemed like an easy task pre-lockdown but now it seems like a rigid process.

Re3 Recycling centres in Longshot Lane and Smallmead Waste Management Park reopened in May with an online booking system.

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Scores of people jumped to their laptops to book a slot for the tip with some having more success than others.

But how has the booking process been since two months ago, have things changed or do residents still find it a struggle to get a booking.

It is fair to say that since the lockdown has eased, things are a lot calmer and in turn, people are having more success to book a slot.

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Valerie Pheney, a Bracknell resident, said she finally managed to get a slot but when she arrived the recycling area wasn't open.

"After finally managing to get a booking turned up with bags of bits for recycling charity shop area", she said. "I was directed to the area got there and found it was not open yet. So unfortunately all in all, a couple of hours of my time wasted."

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Residents have even shared tips on how they managed to book a slot.

Simon Maynard said: "Been once and it was very well organised, booking was a little painful until I realised you had to book a week in advance and that slots are released on the hour and half past the hour. "Overall really good experience, they are doing a great job."

Dorte Cox said: "I've been to the tip twice now and both times it was problem free and the staff were very helpful."

Essentially, book a slot a week in advance and remember they are released on the hour and half past the hour.

Have you had trouble booking a slot? Let us know in the comments.