GYMS and leisure centres finally opened their doors on Saturday and it is fair to say it has been a long time coming.

Many fitness fanatics will have counted down the days before they can step foot into the gym...

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But many readers also think they opened too early.

Although leisure centres and businesses are set up for social distancing, hand sanitisation to prevent the spread of covid-19, face coverings are not mandatory.

The new 'Pillar 2' tests show the number of cases is at a low rate in the borough.

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However the majority of readers still think the gyms are not safe to be open.

A total of 41 people responded to our online poll, giving a glimpse of how some readers feel in Bracknell.

59 per cent said they don't think it is safe for gyms to reopen.

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However 32 per cent said that it is safe.

10 per cent said 'not sure'.

Our readers also responded on Facebook to say that it is 'essential' for gyms to reopen as they are good to boost mental wellbeing.

Karen Henderson said: "Absolutely, it's essential for well being & mental health!"

Barry Smithers added: "I would say its just as dangerous as anywhere else."