WITH temperatures turning up a notch by the end of the week, residents are being urged to take care of their skin. 

One Bracknell doctor is sharing her expertise on looking after your skin whilst enjoying the sunshine in the UK this week.

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Bracknell Urgent Care Centre’s Dr Angela Goyal said: "Being safe in the sun is of utmost importance, so being able to choose a sunscreen that works for your skin’s needs is essential if you’re planning on a trip this summer or enjoying the British sunshine.”

Following the announcement from the UK Government that up to 60 countries are now included in ‘air bridges’ allowing safe travel between countries, summer holidays are now a possibility for many Brits – but many might not feel sure which products to use to both stay safe in the sun and look after their skin.

“Lots of us have underlying skin conditions   such as sensitive skin or eczema, which can cause confusion choosing skin products,” says Dr Goyal. “

Sunscreen in cosmetics

“Many moisturisers and foundations contain SPF; however, it would be unlikely that we’d use enough of the product to reach desired SPF levels,” Dr Goyal explains. “You would need about 7 times as much foundation as you usually apply to get proper protection. That’s a lot of foundation! Keep this in mind whilst in the sun. I’d recommend applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen, as well as any cosmetics, for both UVA and UVB protection.”

Acne prone and oily skin types

“For this particular skin type, choose a sunscreen with a matt or light gel texture. Oil-free and non-comedogenic labels are worth looking out for.”

Sensitive skin

“People with sensitive skin often find the sun irritates their skin, but so can sunscreen. A mineral sunscreen rather than chemical sunscreen can help. These contain zinc oxide or titanium dioxide rather than chemical filters.”

Eczema-prone skin

Dr Goyal advises: “We recommend that a richer sunscreen should be used for those who regularly suffer with eczema. Preservatives and chemicals in the sunscreen can aggravate the problem so try one which is mineral and alcohol free.”

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