A NEIGHBOUR has fallen victim to a cold caller after realising his wallet was stolen from his home.

Thames Valley Police has received reports of a cold caller in Ascot offering to carry out building work.

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An unknown man door knocked and offered to do some work on the roof.

Scroll down to see tips on how to stay safe from cold callers at your door...

The victim knew that some work needed doing and the cold caller said that a neighbour had had work done (which was true).

He quoted a very reasonable price and after the victim sought advice from a friend over the phone, that person said it seemed a reasonable price and so the victims decided to have the work done.

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The only thing which worried him at the time was that the cold caller came into the hall uninvited.

He was quickly told to go outside, which he did.

Police said the victim found enough cash in the house for the man to go and get the materials he needed.

However, he realised he had been 'duped' when the cold caller didn't return.

Typically, neighbours in Ascot have reported to police cold callers offering to pressure wash driveways, tree surgeon services, garden clearance, roof repairs, guttering and driveway work.

As well as this, cold calling can also lead to more serious offences such as burglary where people pretend they're from the local water company and say they need to fix a leak.

Tips to stay alert from cold callers/door steppers

  • Residents have been warned to never agree to any work or sign anything on the spot.
  • Don't feel pressure to buy goods and you have a right to say 'no'.
  • Don't go to a bank or cash point with a trader - legitimate traders would never do this.
  • Also, check on vulnerable members of the family who could potentially fall victim to this crime.
  • Call 101 if you see a suspicious car or person outside your house.

Trading Standards can assist you and your neighbours by creating a Cold Calling Zone in your street or area.