PARENTS struggling with money problems created by the coronavirus crisis should get a helping hand from the council when it comes to buying their children’s school uniforms, a councillor has said. 

Labour’s Mary Temperton is set to call on council bosses to set up a ‘school uniform grant’ to support parents who have a “proven need” for financial help in the wake of the pandemic. 

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She explained to the News: “The average uniform across the country costs about £300. 

“The school uniform is recognised as being important for school identity and for inclusion. 

“At the moment, with people being furloughed and losing their jobs, people are in debt. 

“But they all want to do the best for their child. 

“It’s really important they look the part. You want them to go off looking really smart and really enthused to go to school. 

“You don’t want them feeling they don’t look as good as somebody else. 

“I think it would be really good at this time to have a scheme where people who have a proven need can get support.”

According to Bracknell Forest Council’s website, children eligible to claim free school meals triggers additional government funding for their school. 

This funding could be invested in support for a range of things, including payments for school trips and school uniforms. 

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There are a number of Bracknell and Berkshire-based uniform exchange groups set up on Facebook, and councillor Temperton also said she is aware of some schools in the borough setting up similar initiatives. 

She added: “All the schools do an amazing job and I’m sure they run exchange systems for clothes [children have grown out of] but it’s still the case that sometimes they do not have the right sizes. 

“It really puts pressure at a time when there is very little money for some of our parents and I think they may get into debt because it is such a pressure.”

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Councillor Temperton’s motion will be voted on at a meeting of the council on Wednesday, July 22.