HOPEFUL plans for a new cafe in Winkfield were dramatically thrown by the council at a meeting earlier this week.

This proposal was just one of five controversial or interesting plans refused or approved by Bracknell Forest Council (BFC) recently.

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Cafe at Tally Ho Farm, Winkfield (planning reference 20-00249-FUL)

Bosses at the Crouch Lane farm asked BFC to say yes to plans for a new eatery by the site’s tack shop which workers and nearby polo players could use to grab refreshments.

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However, the location of the new building which would house the cafe is on green belt land — space which is typically protected from development.

Bracknell News:

Planning officers, therefore, recommended the plan should be refused because of where the building would be situated, and in their report, wrote there were no ‘very special circumstances’ which justified overruling the authority’s own green belt policies.

Despite this, a number of councillors who have previously staunchly attacked building in the green belt came out in support for the cafe following the receipt of 58 letters of support for the eatery from residents.

Winkfield and Cranbourne councillor Tony Virgo said: “Tally Ho Farm is an extremely successful business.

“Visitors come from overseas and from London one thing they need is refreshments for after a long journey.

“I would support this because we need businesses — we are about to hit a very serious recession and a new business starting would be a great benefit to the area and to the local economy.”

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But councillor Dale Birch hit back, telling the planning committee he was “amazed” at some of his colleagues’ comments.

He said: “There are no ‘very special circumstances’.

“If we start saying there is a job going to be created and that becomes a very special circumstance, I think we are establishing an unfortunate precedent.

“Does this comply with our green belt policy? No!”

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Councillors narrowly voted 9-6 in favour of REFUSING the plans.

A new home in Ascot (20-00296-FUL)

A four-bedroom house plan was proposed by developers following the demolition of a garage at Heathway in Ascot.

Bracknell News:

BFC’s planning committee considered the proposal after seven neighbours sent in their objections to the designs, claiming they would lead to an overdevelopment of the site and the new home would be out of character with the rest of the area.

However, councillors followed planning officers’ advice that the new home would not harm the surrounding area and approved the plan.

Four new homes and new garages in Crowthorne (20/00066/FUL)

Developers want to knock down 18 dilapidated garages to make way for these new buildings at the mansion site in Crowthorne.

Bracknell News:

Four three-bed mews-style houses and ten garages will go up at Sandhurst Lodge on Wokingham Road after BFC granted permission.

Bracknell News:

Applicants had permission granted for a similar scheme in 2016, but this was due to expire so fresh plans were submitted.

Wimpy coming to Bracknell (20/00356/FUL)

Sit-down fast-food favourite Wimpy will be coming to Bracknell after council bosses said yes to new plans.

The News revealed the proposals back in June.

Bracknell News:

Find out where the new restaurant will be based here:

Garage conversion in Binfield (20/00378/FUL)

Owners of a property on Roebuck Estate have permission to convert their garage into ‘habitable accommodation’ after BFC gave planning consent to their application.

The approved plans also include a first-floor side extension o the Binfield house.