AFTER mixed messages on whether we should wear face masks or not. the government has now made it mandatory from next week.

This means that from Friday, July 24, people will have to wear a face covering when entering shops and supermarkets to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

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Wearing face coverings will be enforced by police, who have the power to implement fines of up to £100, but shop workers will be expected to “encourage” the wearing of face coverings.

The Bracknell News spoke to shop owners and businesses in the borough to find out what their opinions are on the new rules.

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We spoke to Thames Hospice in Bracknell, Handy DIY Store in Crowthorne High Street and KIKO Milano to hear how shops will enforce customers to wear face coverings.

"I can't turn away business but I can't enforce it either without police presence", village DIY store

'I am just going to take it in my stride' says Amit Gandhi, who has owned Handy DIY Store in Crowthorne High Street for five years.

He said: "It is about 50/50 with people wearing masks and I have only been letting in one person at a time because of the way the store is. It does have an impact on my business and I can't turn away business either. There is no way I can enforce it unless there is police presence going about because I can't spend my day at work doing it.

"I will put up a sign to make people aware that we have to wear a mask but until it is in place, you just don't know how it will work."

Amit believes masks are a good idea but says, "they should have been made mandatory from day one. It is a good thing so we can get rid of it [coronavirus] as soon as possible."

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"It's a little bit late but because it is unknown, wearing a mask is just precautionary", charity shop

Tania Borton feels happy face masks will be made mandatory from July 24 but feels it is a little bit too late.

Social distancing and strict cleaning procedures have taken place in Thames Hospice in Bracknell, with staff wearing face masks when working in the back of the shop's warehouse.

Manager Tania said customers have been good so far but said "I hope they will wear face masks."

"We have an acrylic at the till and people hand santitise before they come in. Signage for the shop front is expected tomorrow to remind people to wear face masks too. It is a little bit late but I think it is imperative everyone wears a mask and it should have been done sooner."

"We have to wear face masks and I don't understand why it is only just happening now.", makeup store in The Lexicon

Sally Harman who works as the store supervisor in KIKO said "a large portion of customers are wearing face masks" and the staff have to wear them too.

The company sent stores face coverings when the shops reopened as a precautionary measure for all staff to wear.

She said: "Some customers still don't understand they can't test makeup but we have to explain to them why, enforcing face masks may be a bit more difficult."