MORE THAN 800 residents have signed a petition to encourage the council to build a Sixth Form in a school in Arborfield.

The petition comes after Johnathan Smith, resident and father to a student attending Bohunt School, Remount Drive, Arborfield, raised concerns that there were no provision for Sixth Forms in the south of the Wokingham borough.

Johnathan Smith said: "My son is thoroughly enjoying his time at Bohunt school.

"He and many more would love to continue their education after completion of their GCSE's.

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"There is currently no provision for a Sixth Form at Bohunt school, or indeed anywhere near to the south of Wokingham.

"This means many students will have to travel across already heavily congested roads to schools on the other side of the Borough, such as The Holt, Emmbrook and St. Crispins.

"The environmental impact and cost of the commute (time, pollution, congestion, wear and tear) clearly needs addressing.

"With the new developments in Arborfield and large population expansion, a lack of provision in Finchampstead and Wokingham Without is causing a huge demand for post-16 education.

"Bohunt would be able to service the growing population of the south of Wokingham, as well as being a viable alternative to other schools such as Edgbarrow that currently service residents towards the Crowthorne end of the Borough.

So far, Mr Smith's petition has reached a total of 865 signatures in the space of two days since the petition's creation.

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Mr Smith added: "Many students are choosing and travelling to colleges outside the Borough, such as Farnborough, without a reasonable alternative.

"The request for a 6th Form at Bohunt school has been rejected until at least 2024, but many people feel that with enough support we hope to be able to change that decision.

"The need for a 6th Form is now, not in the future."

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